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  1. Mc donalds cold drinks buy one get one free deal, for every day or only from Monday to Friday. For the whole day long or only from 2 to 4 pm.

  2. 你好 昨天中午你們報道的一家吃毛血旺和掌中寶的餐廳叫啥名字,有電話嗎 我忘了 謝謝

  3. 今天早上11左右你??有??中國的?V告不放味精的食店的電是?滋?啊?我得是626的?^跟著有二??或三??零吧。

  4. 你好, 以前听過一家餐廳廣告, 如果在那里就餐就可以入股。。請問這家餐廳的名字和電話? 謝謝

  5. 昨天8/17 台中午有介在El Monte, Pack Road 上 有一家?炯盎皰?店的自助餐?d,??店名及?

  6. Master Chef Lin,, Where to find a good 北京烤package for 2019 Thanksgiving? Could I make a reservation for this package? Many thanks if you can reply me in advance.


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